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Reproductive options for transmen

Sara Somers (UGent) , Veerle Provoost (UGent) , Elia Wyverkens (UGent) , Inez Raes (UGent) , An Ravelingien (UGent) , Hanna Van Parys (UGent) , Isabelle Stuyver (UGent) , Ann Buysse (UGent) , Guido Pennings (UGent) and Petra De Sutter (UGent)


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Somers, Sara, Veerle Provoost, Elia Wyverkens, Inez Raes, An Ravelingien, Hanna Van Parys, Isabelle Stuyver, Ann Buysse, Guido Pennings, and Petra De Sutter. 2016. “Reproductive Options for Transmen.” In .
Somers, S., Provoost, V., Wyverkens, E., Raes, I., Ravelingien, A., Van Parys, H., Stuyver, I., et al. (2016). Reproductive options for transmen. Presented at the annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.
Somers S, Provoost V, Wyverkens E, Raes I, Ravelingien A, Van Parys H, et al. Reproductive options for transmen. 2016.
Somers, Sara et al. “Reproductive Options for Transmen.” 2016. Print.
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