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carbon, climate change, forest structure, large trees, pan-tropical, REDD, tropical forest ecology, ABOVEGROUND LIVE BIOMASS, CANOPY LEAF-AREA, RAIN-FOREST, AMAZON FOREST, AIRBORNE LIDAR, FRENCH-GUIANA, CARBON, MORTALITY, DYNAMICS, HEIGHT


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Bastin, Jean-François, Ervan Rutishauser, James R Kellner, Sassan Saatchi, Raphael Pélissier, Bruno Hérault, Ferry Slik, et al. 2018. “Pan-tropical Prediction of Forest Structure from the Largest Trees.” Global Ecology and Biogeography 27 (11): 1366–1383.
Bastin, J.-F., Rutishauser, E., Kellner, J. R., Saatchi, S., Pélissier, R., Hérault, B., Slik, F., et al. (2018). Pan-tropical prediction of forest structure from the largest trees. GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY, 27(11), 1366–1383.
Bastin J-F, Rutishauser E, Kellner JR, Saatchi S, Pélissier R, Hérault B, et al. Pan-tropical prediction of forest structure from the largest trees. GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY. 2018;27(11):1366–83.
Bastin, Jean-François et al. “Pan-tropical Prediction of Forest Structure from the Largest Trees.” GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY 27.11 (2018): 1366–1383. Print.
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