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Colour vision in Stargardt disease

(2015) OPHTHALMIC RESEARCH. 54(4). p.181-194
DYSTROPHY-FUNDUS FLAVIMACULATUS, PSEUDOISOCHROMATIC PLATES, GENOTYPE, CORRELATIONS, ISHIHARA TEST, ABCA4 GENE, FOLLOW-UP, DEFICIENCY, AUTOFLUORESCENCE, PROGRESSION, CLASSIFICATION, Acquired colour vision defect, Stargardt disease, Stargardt macular, dystrophy, Fundus flavimaculatus, Genetics, Colour vision and, electrophysiological tests


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Vandenbroucke, Tine, Ronald Buyl, Julie De Zaeytijd, Miriam Bauwens, André Uvijls, Elfride De Baere, and Bart Leroy. 2015. “Colour Vision in Stargardt Disease.” Ophthalmic Research 54 (4): 181–194.
Vandenbroucke, Tine, Buyl, R., De Zaeytijd, J., Bauwens, M., Uvijls, A., De Baere, E., & Leroy, B. (2015). Colour vision in Stargardt disease. OPHTHALMIC RESEARCH, 54(4), 181–194.
Vandenbroucke T, Buyl R, De Zaeytijd J, Bauwens M, Uvijls A, De Baere E, et al. Colour vision in Stargardt disease. OPHTHALMIC RESEARCH. 2015;54(4):181–94.
Vandenbroucke, Tine et al. “Colour Vision in Stargardt Disease.” OPHTHALMIC RESEARCH 54.4 (2015): 181–194. Print.
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