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Exoskeleton plantarflexion assistance for elderly

Samuel Galle (UGent) , Wim Derave (UGent) , F Bossuyt, Patrick Calders (UGent) , Philippe Malcolm (UGent) and Dirk De Clercq (UGent)
(2017) GAIT & POSTURE. 52. p.183-188
Biophysics, Rehabilitation, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, carnosine, beta-alanine, motor units, fatigue, rat, BETA-ALANINE SUPPLEMENTATION, MEDIAL GASTROCNEMIUS-MUSCLE, HUMAN VASTUS LATERALIS, WHOLE-BODY VIBRATION, EXERCISE PERFORMANCE, FORCE PRODUCTION, STRIATED-MUSCLE, SOLEUS MUSCLE, CARNOSINE, FATIGUE, Exercise Physiology and Sport Nutrition, Biomechanics and Motor Control of human movement


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Galle, Samuel, Wim Derave, F Bossuyt, Patrick Calders, Philippe Malcolm, and Dirk De Clercq. 2017. “Exoskeleton Plantarflexion Assistance for Elderly.” Gait & Posture 52: 183–188.
Galle, S., Derave, W., Bossuyt, F., Calders, P., Malcolm, P., & De Clercq, D. (2017). Exoskeleton plantarflexion assistance for elderly. GAIT & POSTURE, 52, 183–188.
Galle S, Derave W, Bossuyt F, Calders P, Malcolm P, De Clercq D. Exoskeleton plantarflexion assistance for elderly. GAIT & POSTURE. 2017;52:183–8.
Galle, Samuel, Wim Derave, F Bossuyt, et al. “Exoskeleton Plantarflexion Assistance for Elderly.” GAIT & POSTURE 52 (2017): 183–188. Print.
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