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Hollestelle, Antoinette, Frederieke H van der Baan, Andrew Berchuck, Sharon E Johnatty, Katja K Aben, Bjarni A Agnarsson, Kristiina Aittomäki, et al. 2016. “No Clinical Utility of KRAS Variant Rs61764370 for Ovarian or Breast Cancer.” Gynecologic Oncology 141 (2): 386–401.
Hollestelle, A., van der Baan, F. H., Berchuck, A., Johnatty, S. E., Aben, K. K., Agnarsson, B. A., Aittomäki, K., et al. (2016). No clinical utility of KRAS variant rs61764370 for ovarian or breast cancer. GYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGY, 141(2), 386–401.
Hollestelle A, van der Baan FH, Berchuck A, Johnatty SE, Aben KK, Agnarsson BA, et al. No clinical utility of KRAS variant rs61764370 for ovarian or breast cancer. GYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGY. 2016;141(2):386–401.
Hollestelle, Antoinette, Frederieke H van der Baan, Andrew Berchuck, et al. “No Clinical Utility of KRAS Variant Rs61764370 for Ovarian or Breast Cancer.” GYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGY 141.2 (2016): 386–401. Print.
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