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Single-spin azimuthal asymmetry in exclusive electroproduction of π+ mesons

(2002) PHYSICS LETTERS B. 535(1-4). p.85-92


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Airapetian, A, N Akopov, Z Akopov, M Amarian, EC Aschenauer, H Avakian, R Avakian, et al. 2002. “Single-spin Azimuthal Asymmetry in Exclusive Electroproduction of Π+ Mesons.” Physics Letters B 535 (1-4): 85–92.
Airapetian, A., Akopov, N., Akopov, Z., Amarian, M., Aschenauer, E., Avakian, H., Avakian, R., et al. (2002). Single-spin azimuthal asymmetry in exclusive electroproduction of π+ mesons. PHYSICS LETTERS B, 535(1-4), 85–92.
Airapetian A, Akopov N, Akopov Z, Amarian M, Aschenauer E, Avakian H, et al. Single-spin azimuthal asymmetry in exclusive electroproduction of π+ mesons. PHYSICS LETTERS B. 2002;535(1-4):85–92.
Airapetian, A et al. “Single-spin Azimuthal Asymmetry in Exclusive Electroproduction of Π+ Mesons.” PHYSICS LETTERS B 535.1-4 (2002): 85–92. Print.
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