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Romanelli, F, M Laxaback, I Abel, V Afanesyev, G Agarici, KM Aggarwal, M Airila, et al. 2011. “Overview of JET Results.” Nuclear Fusion 51 (9).
Romanelli, F., Laxaback, M., Abel, I., Afanesyev, V., Agarici, G., Aggarwal, K., Airila, M., et al. (2011). Overview of JET results. NUCLEAR FUSION, 51(9).
Romanelli F, Laxaback M, Abel I, Afanesyev V, Agarici G, Aggarwal K, et al. Overview of JET results. NUCLEAR FUSION. IOP PUBLISHING LTD; 2011;51(9).
Romanelli, F, M Laxaback, I Abel, et al. “Overview of JET Results.” NUCLEAR FUSION 51.9 (2011): n. pag. Print.
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