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Progress in Arabidopsis genome sequencing and functional genomics

(2000) JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY. 78(3). p.281-292


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Wambutt, R, G Murphy, G Volckaert, T Pohl, A Düsterhöft, W Stiekema, K-D Entian, et al. 2000. “Progress in Arabidopsis Genome Sequencing and Functional Genomics.” Journal of Biotechnology 78 (3): 281–292.
Wambutt, R., Murphy, G., Volckaert, G., Pohl, T., Düsterhöft, A., Stiekema, W., Entian, K.-D., et al. (2000). Progress in Arabidopsis genome sequencing and functional genomics. JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, 78(3), 281–292. Presented at the 1st European symposium on Applied Genome Research.
Wambutt R, Murphy G, Volckaert G, Pohl T, Düsterhöft A, Stiekema W, et al. Progress in Arabidopsis genome sequencing and functional genomics. JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY. 2000;78(3):281–92.
Wambutt, R, G Murphy, G Volckaert, et al. “Progress in Arabidopsis Genome Sequencing and Functional Genomics.” JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY 78.3 (2000): 281–292. Print.
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