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GRUBER, O, C ANGIONI, C ATANASIU, M BALDEN, G BECKER, W BECKER, K BEHLER, et al. 2007. “Overview of ASDEX Upgrade Results.” In Proceedings of the 21st IAEA Conference.
GRUBER, O., ANGIONI, C., ATANASIU, C., BALDEN, M., BECKER, G., BECKER, W., BEHLER, K., et al. (2007). Overview of ASDEX Upgrade Results. Proceedings of the 21st IAEA Conference.
GRUBER O, ANGIONI C, ATANASIU C, BALDEN M, BECKER G, BECKER W, et al. Overview of ASDEX Upgrade Results. Proceedings of the 21st IAEA Conference. 2007.
GRUBER, O, C ANGIONI, C ATANASIU, et al. “Overview of ASDEX Upgrade Results.” Proceedings of the 21st IAEA Conference. 2007. Print.
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