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Production of bioflavours

Tom Desmet (UGent) , An Cerdobbel, Wim Soetaert (UGent) and Erick Vandamme (UGent)


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Desmet, Tom, Cerdobbel, A., Soetaert, W., & Vandamme, E. (2008). Production of bioflavours. In A. Pandey, C. hristian Laroche, C. R. Soccol, & C.-G. Dusap (Eds.), Advances in fermentation technology (pp. 462–482). New Delhi, India: Asiatech.
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Desmet, Tom, An Cerdobbel, Wim Soetaert, et al. “Production of Bioflavours.” Advances in Fermentation Technology. Ed. Ashok Pandey et al. New Delhi, India: Asiatech, 2008. 462–482. Print.
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