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(Dys)functionalism in a post(sub)urban landscape



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Jacobs, Steven, and Bart Eeckhout. 2009. “(Dys)functionalism in a Post(sub)urban Landscape.” In Multiple City : Urban Concepts 1908-2008, ed. Sophie Wolfrum, Winfried Nerdinger, and Susanne Schaubeck, 34–37. Berlin, Germany: Jovis Verlag.
Jacobs, Steven, & Eeckhout, B. (2009). (Dys)functionalism in a post(sub)urban landscape. In S. Wolfrum, W. Nerdinger, & S. Schaubeck (Eds.), Multiple city : urban concepts 1908-2008 (pp. 34–37). Berlin, Germany: Jovis Verlag.
Jacobs S, Eeckhout B. (Dys)functionalism in a post(sub)urban landscape. In: Wolfrum S, Nerdinger W, Schaubeck S, editors. Multiple city : urban concepts 1908-2008. Berlin, Germany: Jovis Verlag; 2009. p. 34–7.
Jacobs, Steven, and Bart Eeckhout. “(Dys)functionalism in a Post(sub)urban Landscape.” Multiple City : Urban Concepts 1908-2008. Ed. Sophie Wolfrum, Winfried Nerdinger, & Susanne Schaubeck. Berlin, Germany: Jovis Verlag, 2009. 34–37. Print.
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