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Jeppsson, U, J Alex, D Batstone, Lorenzo Benedetti, J Comas, JB Copp, L Corominas, et al. 2011. “Quo Vadis Benchmark Simulation Models?” In Watermatex 2011 : Conference Proceedings, 493–506. International Water Association (IWA).
Jeppsson, U., Alex, J., Batstone, D., Benedetti, L., Comas, J., Copp, J., Corominas, L., et al. (2011). Quo vadis benchmark simulation models? Watermatex 2011 : conference proceedings (pp. 493–506). Presented at the 8th International symposium on Systems Analysis and Integrated Assessment (Watermatex 2011), International Water Association (IWA).
Jeppsson U, Alex J, Batstone D, Benedetti L, Comas J, Copp J, et al. Quo vadis benchmark simulation models? Watermatex 2011 : conference proceedings. International Water Association (IWA); 2011. p. 493–506.
Jeppsson, U, J Alex, D Batstone, et al. “Quo Vadis Benchmark Simulation Models?” Watermatex 2011 : Conference Proceedings. International Water Association (IWA), 2011. 493–506. Print.
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