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C3 Cyperus (Cyperaceae)



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Larridon, Isabel, Wim Huygh, Marc Reynders, Alexander Vrijdaghs, Olivier Leroux, Pascal Boeckx, A Muthama Muasya, David A Simpson, and Paul Goetghebeur. 2010. “C3 Cyperus (Cyperaceae).” In Scripta Botanica Belgica, 48:62–62.
Larridon, I., Huygh, W., Reynders, M., Vrijdaghs, A., Leroux, O., Boeckx, P., Muasya, A. M., et al. (2010). C3 Cyperus (Cyperaceae). SCRIPTA BOTANICA BELGICA (Vol. 48, pp. 62–62). Presented at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium Scientific Meetings : Botanical diversity : exploration, understanding and use.
Larridon I, Huygh W, Reynders M, Vrijdaghs A, Leroux O, Boeckx P, et al. C3 Cyperus (Cyperaceae). SCRIPTA BOTANICA BELGICA. 2010. p. 62–62.
Larridon, Isabel, Wim Huygh, Marc Reynders, et al. “C3 Cyperus (Cyperaceae).” Scripta Botanica Belgica. Vol. 48. 2010. 62–62. Print.
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