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Van Den Noortgate, Nele. 2010. “Palliative Medicine.” In Textbook of Geriatric Medicine International, ed. Kyung-Hwan Cho, Jean-Pierre Michel, Juergen Bludau, Jatin Dave, Sueng Hoi Park, Inho Kwak, Francis Jones, and Younho  Chung , 1–11. Argos.
Van Den Noortgate, N. (2010). Palliative Medicine. In K.-H. Cho, J.-P. Michel, J. Bludau, J. Dave, S. H. Park, I. Kwak, F. Jones, et al. (Eds.), Textbook of geriatric medicine international (pp. 1–11). Argos.
Van Den Noortgate N. Palliative Medicine. In: Cho K-H, Michel J-P, Bludau J, Dave J, Park SH, Kwak I, et al., editors. Textbook of geriatric medicine international. Argos; 2010. p. 1–11.
Van Den Noortgate, Nele. “Palliative Medicine.” Textbook of Geriatric Medicine International. Ed. Kyung-Hwan Cho et al. Argos, 2010. 1–11. Print.
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