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Discovery of W-157 and Os-161

(2010) PHYSICS LETTERS B. 690(1). p.15-18
NUCLEAR REACTIONS Ni-58+Cd-106 at 290, gas-filled recoil separator, 310 MeV beam energy, 300, Si detectors, Measured E alpha, t(1/2), Deduced neutron single-particle configurations in Os-161, W-157, Shell model calculations, NEUTRON-DEFICIENT ISOTOPES, TOTAL DATA READOUT, PROTON DRIP-LINE, NUCLEI


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Bianco, L, RD Page, IG Darby, DT Joss, J Simpson, JJ Al-Khalili, AJ Cannon, et al. 2010. “Discovery of W-157 and Os-161.” Physics Letters B 690 (1): 15–18.
Bianco, L., Page, R., Darby, I., Joss, D., Simpson, J., Al-Khalili, J., Cannon, A., et al. (2010). Discovery of W-157 and Os-161. PHYSICS LETTERS B, 690(1), 15–18.
Bianco L, Page R, Darby I, Joss D, Simpson J, Al-Khalili J, et al. Discovery of W-157 and Os-161. PHYSICS LETTERS B. 2010;690(1):15–8.
Bianco, L, RD Page, IG Darby, et al. “Discovery of W-157 and Os-161.” PHYSICS LETTERS B 690.1 (2010): 15–18. Print.
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