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Project: A strategy for reviving the vital breadbasket of the Democratic Republic of Congo through Integrated Soil fertility management coupled to resilient germplasm in cassava-based systems

01-JAN-00 – 31-DEC-99

The project aims primarily at improving food security in the DRC by introducing improved soil fertility management systems that also sustain the natural resource base. While a significant amount of research in this area is part of the proposal, a strong emphasis is on restoring the communication channels between research community and extension agents and/or farmers and on enhancing the capacity to carry out state-of-the-art and relevant research by the Congolese research community. The chosen approach relies on adaptation of proven solutions to the problem of degraded soil fertility and at the same time rebuilds capacity in DRC to revamp research in these areas. Finally, the project implementation builds on long-established partnerships and proven working relations between the project initiators and aims at capitalizing on earlier investments i.e. by VLIR.