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Project: Ceramic synchronisms in Middle Bronze Age Crete

2023-01-01 – 2026-12-31


The Middle Bronze Age in Crete is a period of demographic expansion, stunning material cultural production, and growing interaction with the broader Eastern Mediterranean. The archaeological deposits associated with this period produced large amounts of pottery that have made it possible to establish the Middle Minoan IA to Middle Minoan IIIB ceramic sequence in the different Protopalatial and early Neopalatial sites on the island (ca. 2050-1600 BCE). In this framework, and considering the bulk of the material, ongoing refinements to the Minoan ceramic typology, and new research issues pertaining to continuity and upheaval throughout this long period, the objective of the project is to synchronise major historical events in Middle Bronze Age Crete, based on the study of a selection of key unpublished palatial deposits.

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