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Project: Programme for studies on human rights in context

2020-09-15 – 2024-09-14


The research programme aims to conduct studies on the promotion, the advancement and the respect of human rights, democracy and the rule of law.The programme aims to reflect on the functioning of international human rights bodies and their case law, as well as the ways that inspire better interaction between domestic legal orders and international law and the configuration of effective and legitimate international institutions. Some key concepts, which guide the research are dialogue, inclusion and legal pluralism.

Besides as to the international human rights bodies themselves, the research will mostly conducted with regard to states characterised by deep-rooted levels of social exclusion and inequality, coupled with high levels of violence and relatively weak state institutions. Main features of the research include a comprehensive approach to public law, principle-based argumentation and the high value placed on comparative law. The research will be grounded in theory and often based on extensive fieldwork.

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