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Project: Routine NMR Analysis Equipment for Small Molecule Characterisation.

2022-12-15 – 2024-12-14


The proposed equipment is a replacement for the existing electronic console that supports the department's open access 400MHz NMR spectrometer magnet. The existing console (the Avance II that was marketed until 2006) is considered out of service by Bruker since 2018, and is thus currently considered a risk and liability for the continued availibility of this essential basic research infrastructure. 

The newly proposed electronics package is an Avance NEO onebay. This novel console technology can replace the older Avance II system, and was introduced in 2017. It is two whole generations and more than 10 years newer than the current electronics. Its acquisition will both ensure and improve continued performance of the open access service on the 400MHz spectrometer for the next 10 to 15 years, currently servicing more than 150 active spectrometer users, coming from 18 different research groups.

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