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Project: Advanced research on Ni Toxicity in sediments: species, bioavailability and diet-borne toxicity.

01/08/13 – 31/05/14

The ongoing, NIPERA sponsored project "Advanced research on Ni toxicity in sediments: species, bioavailability and diet-born toxicity" is aimed at extension of database used to construct the SSD; validation of models of bioavailability and toxicity of Ni; and investigation the role of dietary exposure to Ni sediment toxicity. To achieve these aims, the bioavailability and toxicity of Ni in sediments with differen binding capacities are currently being studied with species from different taxonomic groups. Ni whole body concentration and Ni organ specific concentration are/will be analysed applying techniques such as flame atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), stable isotope tracers and, micro- and nano-X-ray fluorescence (XRF).