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Project: European network for the prevention of female genital mutilation in Europe.

project duration
01-DEC-99 – 30-NOV-00
Based on the information gathered in 1998 project phase (DAPHNE n°97/2/096), the second phase will focus on co-ordinating the efforts done at various levels and in different European countries towards circumcised women and girls at risk of being genitally mutilated. This will be realised by implementing a network that 1) will bring together health professionals to develop a framework for training of health care personnel and management of FGM patients 2) will facilitate exchange of information and good practices between non governmental organisations (NGO's) and community based organisations (CBO's) and 3) will harmonise European research efforts. These objectives will be reached by organising a series of workshops for each professional group, more specifically for health care providers, NGO's and CBO's and the academic level. The aim is that by the end of the second phase, the network will be fully operational, that a database with educational material for NGO's and CBO's will be established, that a framework for guidelines for health professionals will be implemented and that a 'European' research agenda is set.