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Project EFECTS: Efficient Environmental-Friendly Electro-Ceramics Coating Technology and Synthesis

2008-10-01 – 2012-09-30


Ceramic functional layered coatings are strongly required for innovations in communication, electronic and energy technology and in catalysis. The potential of these ceramic coating materials is based on their manifold special material properties.
This project proposes an alternative synthesis of the layers based on the chemical solution deposition (CSD) process using ink-jet printing at ambient pressure. Main advantages are the lower investment, the faster deposition with higher yield and the processing under ambient pressure enabling a complete continuous processing.
The general scopes of this project will be:
- to introduce flexible and cost effective production systems
- to implement innovative synthesis pathways and soft chemistry to avoid excessive energy input and to produce the materials in semi-custom device manufactering
- to shorten the number of reaction steps by using 'clever pathways' during technological processing
- to enable an environmentally friendly process by promoting water as the preferred medium and avoid the release of toxic gases

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