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Project: Evaluating the impact of existing legislation in Europe with regard to female genital mutilation

project duration
01-JAN-03 – 31-DEC-03
European countries are confronted with the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM), imported by immigrants and refugees from countries where the practice is prevalent. A coherent strategy throughout Europe concerning legislative measures and their implementation, will reinforce the fight against FGM. In this context, the project will compile and share information about the legislation in all EU member States with regard FGM. Through a comparative pilot study in 5 EU Member States (United Kingdom, Sweden, Belgium, France and Spain), the different legal approaches and the respective judicial outcomes will be investigated. The impact of existing legislation on the practice will be evaluated in the 5 EU Member States and a harmonised European legal strategy towards this practice will be formulated. A small booklet with the recommendations about this EU Strategy will be edited, published and sisseminated.