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Project: Eco-genomic survey of microbial diversity for lindane degradation: formulation of catalysts for site-intervention

project duration
01-OCT-02 – 30-SEP-05
This project deals with the vicious legacy of large spills of hexacholorocyclohexane (HCH, lindane) in soils, since there is virtually no in situ technology available to this day to eliminate this persistent pesticide from polluted sites. The purpose is the exploitation of the enzymatic diversity of microbial communities with a history of exposure to HCH congeners, as a source of biological activities for in situ bioremediation. Culture-independent molecular methods (including DGGE analysis of 16S rRNA fragments) will be used to survey the diversity of microbial communities and HCH degrading genes. This is to lead to the deveropment of optimized HCH degrading inocula as biocatalysts for pesticide employing microtechnologies (including DNA-chip based taxonomic profiles). In a final stage, eco-engeneering of intervention procedures will lay the basis for integrated macro-scale operations based on bio-geo-chemical changes, hydrological events and inoculation practices.