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Project: Experimental and theoretical investigations of the role of microturbulence and electric fields in the establishment of improved confinement in tokamak plasmas through inter-machine comparisons.

project duration
01-JUN-02 – 30-JUN-06
To investigate the correlations between on the one hand the occurrence of transport barriers and improved confinement in the tokamaks TEXTOR and T-10 and on the smaller-scale tokamaks FT-2, TUMAN-3M and CASTOR, and on the other hand electric fields, modified magnetic shear and electrostatic and magnetic turbulence using advanced diagnostics with high spatial and temporal resolution. This will be done in a strongly coordinated way and exploiting the complementarity of TEXTOR and T-10 and the backup potential of the other three tokamaks, which together have all the relevant experimental tools and theoretical expertise.