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Project: Advanced sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous motors

01-JAN-06 – 31-DEC-09

Synchronous engines with permanent magnet excitation are used in large numbers for dynamic servo applications. For dynamic drivaes with synchronous machines current control is almost always used, which requires position sensing of the rotor. For the position measuring of the rotor or flux sensors can be used. The disadvantage of those sensors is that they reduce the reliability of the drive. Sensorless solutions at higher speeds are relative easy to realise. Indeed, the back-emf of the machine is then sufficiently high to derive the speed and the rotor position. For low speed one must use signal injection methods with parameter identification methods and observer techniques. In this proposed project we will start by further developing a spatially fundamental harmonic machine model, based on previous work on synchronous machine modelling On the basis of this model all possibilities for position estimation, including signal generation, detection as processing, are to be examined theoretically. This should result in position estimate methods useful for both electrically excited synchronous machines or for PMSM’s, for low or high speed.