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Project: Arterial pulse waveform and genomic telomere length in relation to preclinical atherosclerosis. A cross-sectional and prognostic study in 3000 subjects initially free of clinically overt atherosclerosis

01-JAN-03 – 31-DEC-06

In 3000 subjects (33-55 years old and initially free of clinically overt atherosclerosis) from Erpe-Mere, a number of early indicators of atherosclerosis are measured (intima-media thickness, derived "lumped" parameters from local tonometrically registred pulse waves, biochemical markers, and (individual) telomere length of leukocyte chromosomes). In addition, diastolic function and ventribulo-arterial coupling are studied by echocariography. After initial cross-sectional analysis measurements are repeated every 4 years with a 12 year follow-up for hard end points.