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Project: Mechanisms and consequences of 'low sex' in the brown seaweed Dictyota dichotoma

2020-01-01 – 2023-12-31


Genomic data allow to test theoretical predictions of how variation in mating systems affects genome organization and evolution The relative degree of sexual or asexual reproduction should reflect on population genetic parameters as well as on the efficacy of natural selection, both adaptive and purifying Using a combination of laboratory experiments, genetic data derived from natural populations and transcriptomic data, this project will 1) determine the precise mechanisms of asexual reproduction in a brown seaweed, Dictyota dichotoma; and 2) evaluate the consequences of mating system variation between Atlantic (sexual) and Mediterranean (largely asexual) populations on the genetic structure of the populations, the efficacy of selection and the adaptive potential of the populations The outcome of this study will offer important insights aiding the further development of a theoretical evolutionary framework that links genomic diversity to diversity in life history traits

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