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Project: Tailor-made Synthesis of hybrid catalysts for oxygenation and metathesis reactions through covalent fixation of Os and Ru complexes in mesoporous oxides.

project duration
01-JAN-99 – 31-DEC-02
For the preparation of tailor-made hybrid catalysts in fine chemical synthesis, Os and Ru complexes, usefull in DH, AD, AA, MT of alkenes, will be anchored chemically to the wall of mesoporous oxides, using functionalized oxide surfaces. All promotors have extensive but complementary expertise in this area covering the synthesis of inorganic mesoporous oxides, their chemical functionalization and use as heterogeneous catalyst, including expertise in oxidation and chiral catalysis and metathesis. It will be attempted to correlate the hyper-selectivity in the reactions mentioned with the nature of the ligand and the particular modification at the level of linker and pore wall.