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Project: Tthe detection of xenobiotics in hair: a scientific basis for the interpretation, and rationalization of interindividual differences through an investigation into the binding to macromolecular constituents of the mairmatrix, in casu proteins.

project duration
01-JAN-02 – 31-DEC-05
This research project aims to investigate the binding of xenobiotics to hairconstituents, melanin but more importantly proteins. The results should provide a more fundamental basis for the interpretation of hair testing data. These data are, at present, too much subject to e.g. racial bias, which is related to differences in the composition of the hair, thus to differences in binding, and to a variable influence of external contamination. Using mass spectrometric approaches such as precursorion scanning, adducted peptides (tryptic digest) will be detected and characterized through MS/MS techniques.