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Project: Biosynthesis of Nod-factors in Azorhizobium caulinodans : study of D-arabinosyl synthesis and transfer in A. caulinodans en in Mycobacterium.

project duration
01-JAN-98 – 31-DEC-99
In this project we want to bring together two different approaches developed on two different organisms to gain new information on both systems. The aim is to complete the biosynthetic pathway of Azorhizobial Nod-factors by the elucidation of the functions for arabinosylation. D-arabinose is abundant in the call walt of procaryotes such as Mycobacterium. In Mycobacterium a broad biochemical basis exists concerning the biosynthesis of the arabinosan part of the cell wall hetereopolysaccharides. In Azorhizobium genetic evidence indicates a role for certain genes in Nod-factor arabinosylation, but biochemical functions are unknown. Bringing together the biochemical approach developed in the Mycobacterium research with the genetic data available in Azorhizobium, creates an unique opportunity to acquire new information on both systems.