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Project: Quantitative study of the phenomena of dynamic and metadynamic recovery and recrystallisation in metallic materials at high deformation rates, followed by relaxation tests.

project duration
01-JAN-98 – 31-DEC-01
Investigation of dynamic and metadynamic phenomena during recovery and recrystallisation of iron alloys, aluminium alloys and FeA1 intermetallic compounds. The investigation will be performed in collaboration with the KULeuven, Prof. Dr.Ing. E. Aernoudt (MTM). The acquisition of a specially designed machine is essential for the project : this machine will perform single step or multiple step compression tests with very high strain rates (up to 100 s-1), at high temperature ( up to 1200°C) and under protective atmosphere. The flow curve will be recorded in axisymmetric and plain strain conditions, followed by relaxation tests.