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Project: Investigation of regulatory T cell function in autoimmune skin diseases: study of a pemhigus vulgaris model

project duration
01-JAN-07 – 31-DEC-10
In this project we want to clarify the regulatory mechanisms mediating the T cell repertoire in cutaneaous autoimmunity and examine the control mechanisms necessary for peripheral tolerance in more detail. It is our aim to monitor in a set of autoimmune skin diseases (pemhigus vulgaris (PV), vitiligo, halo naevi, alopecia areata, bullous memphigoid, psoriasis) the regulatory T cell (Treg) frequency and function and to determine it overactivation and expansion of autoreactive T cells override this regulation. Moreover it is our intention to unravel in more detail the role of Tregs in PV disease activity but also to apply it as a model to increase the knowledge about Treg function in general.