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Project: Effects of acidification by atmospheric deposition on the weathering of minerals and the buffering capacity of forest soils in Flanders.

project duration
01-JAN-97 – 31-DEC-00
Studying the weathering of minerals, and the changes in buffering capacity of forest soils in Flanders is the main goal of this project proposal. The study is designed to answer the following fundamental research issues : 1. What is the relative contribution of natural soil forming processes and acidic atmospheric deposition to the acidification of forest soils in Flanders? 2. What are the current impacts of atmospheric S and N deposition on the soil solution chemistry under Flemish forests, in particular with respect to the concentrations of SO4, NO3, NH4 and A1? 3. What is the role of various buffering mechanisms such as acid base reactions, ion exchange, mineral weathering and A1 dissolution in neutralising the acid input to forest soils in Flanders?