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Project: General report on Insecurty

01-APR-04 – 31-MAR-05

In order to release a 'General Report on Insecurity' the KBS works with three methods, being: listening, understanding and acting. The research conducted by Ugent fits within the component 'Listening'. In this listening process people are asked for their experiences of insecurity in their daily activities. The central characteristic of the listening process is to be found in its non-directive character. Ugent studies insecurity in specific places and situations. On the whole, six cases are being studied: 'Single elderly in Ghent', 'shopkeepers and clients in Menen', 'Youngsters in Ronse', 'residents and users of the Vlaamse en Waalse kaai', 'Residents in Borgerhout', and 'People without a valid or definitive staying permit in transit through Belgium'.