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Project: Magnetische resonantieapparatuur voor gevorderd materiaalonderzoek: moleculaire karakterisering van vaste, zachte, homogene en heterogene materie in de ontwikkeling van geavanceerde functionele materialen en chemische katalyse

2020-05-01 – 2024-04-30


When conceiving new materials through chemical synthesis, their detailed characterization down to the molecular level is key for their practical development and ultimately, their valorization in novel applications. Working on solid and soft, homogeneous or heterogeneous materials, the 22 members of this consortium are all involved in materials development, spanning fields of research reaching from organic and pharmaceutical chemistry, to the development of smart textiles and novel catalysts towards the CO2 neutral economy. At first sight, UGent has an impressive collection of instruments for materials characterisation, yet a crucial one is missing: a Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer equipped to investigate these often insoluble materials. This equipment, akin to MRI scanners in hospitals, is of crucial importance for the further development of advanced and functional materials within the consortium, which also involves research groups from partner universities. Efficient use in a wide diversity of research programs will be achieved by embedding the equipment within the NMR expertise center at UGent, created in 2018 with the support of the University Research Council to address all molecular characterization needs in the chemical sciences, using this powerful but high-investment cost analysis technique.

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