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Project: Optimal cooling of power electronics and other high-power density electric components

2014-06-01 – 2016-05-31


In production machines, more and more electric motors are being used each driven by their own power electronics. Moreover, the power densities of these components are ever increasing. This results in a growing number of distributed heat sources in the machine with higher levels of emitted heat. To guarantee proper operation and long lifetime of these components, they have to be adequately cooled.
The main goal of the opcope_icon project is to develop a methodology, supported by simple models, that will allow mechatronics engineers to design compact, energy-efficient cooling systems for industrial machinery that comprises distributed, high energy density actuators and power electronic components.
The results of the project will be a set of design rules and software models that can be used to properly select, dimension and control the cooling elements depending on number, position and characteristics of the heat sources and operating and environmental conditions of the machine.