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Project: ACE and ACE-inhibitory peptides in insects

01-JAN-04 – 31-DEC-07

The project investigates the presence of ACE-inhibitory peptides in insect protein. After enzymatic hydrolysis of the protein, active fractions are isolated by ACE affinity chromatography. The latter is optimized in the first part of the project whereby ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) is bound to an Affi-15 gel. After isolation of the active ACE-inhibitory peptides, their antihypertensive acitivity is evaluated by in vivo tests with rats. Also, their possible role in the destruction of plague insects is evaluated. After screening of about 50 different insect species, an attempt is made to correlate the activity of the peptides fractions with the overall composition of the insects (total protein, content of collagen and myofibrillar protein).