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Project: Evaluation of the arcelin 5I-promoter and the arcelin 5I coding sequence of Phaseolus vulgaris for the production of scFv-fragments in transgenic seeds.

project duration
01-JAN-99 – 31-DEC-00
By performing a comparative expression analysis between the arc 5I-promoter, the 35S-promoter of the CaMv virus and the Beta-phaseolin promoter from Phaseolus vulgaris we want to find out whether the use of the arc5I-promoter is a determining factor to obtain high accumulation of scFv-fragments in seeds. Besides, we will also investigate the value of the arc 5-I ontranslated mRNA leader. Finally we will investigate whether higher accumulation levels of scFv fragments can be obtained in seeds when the scFv-fragments are frised with the ARC5a storage protein.