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Project: Emissions of volatile organic compunds in Flanders: refinement of the inventory system and of the relation to tropospheric ozone creation.

project duration
01-APR-00 – 31-MAR-02
Global concerf for tropospheric ozone production and the role of VOCs in this process result in an increasing attention to VOC emissions. This study started in the framework of action 16 of the Environmental Policy Plan 1997-2001, concerned with the refinement and improvement of the VOC emission inventory in order to assist policy makers in developing abatement strategies to reduce the emissions. The main goal of this project is to provide a general framework to collect all information needed for the most important industrial and non-industrial sources. This means, for each activity, an evaluation is needed of which information has to be collected in order to be able to develop a VOC emission inventory every year, and which authorities will be able to deliver this set of information. An important aspect in this study is that the emission inventory not only will provide emission data, but also has to be a useful instrument to assist policy makers.