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Project: Accessibility of factual television programs for mentally disabled people.

01-SEP-98 – 28-FEB-00

As a result of the paradigm-shift from the care-model to the support-model for (mentally) disabled people, information flow through 'ordinary' channels becomes essential for those people as well as for others. Starting from the self-esteem of each individual, the one-way communication from caretaker to care-receiver must be broken, also regarding the offer, structure and content of information. In this context accessibility gets a meaning that is, in the first place given to it by the persons concerned. The purpose of this project is therefore not only to find out which information is comprehensible for mentally disabled persons or how to make information comprehensible for them, but also to assess their mediabehaviour, informationbehaviour, their appreciation of the present offer, their needs for information and especially their understanding of the term 'information'.