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Project: Management agreements on grasslands : effects on the yield and the quality of grass. Possibilities on the farm scale.

project duration
01-JUL-98 – 31-MAR-00
In nature management agreements, a number of restrictions are included, concerning the management of the involved grassland. The most important are : - a strong deley in the date of the first cut : up to June 15th-July 1st (instead of usual beginning of May) - a strong reduction of fertilization. These restrictions have a significantly negative effect on the yield and the quality of the harvested grass. In this project, the losses will be quantified. Acting like this, we collect data that are necessary for a sound policy towards management agreements. The data can be used to calculate a fair compensation for the commitment of the farmer. We will also, check how far different forms of management agreements ca be fit in a sustainable management of the farm. Therefore, we use an integrated computer model, in which we use the found technical data.