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Project: Improvement of the evaluation and surgical treatment of disturbed anorectal function.

project duration
01-DEC-98 – 31-DEC-01
It is the aim of this project to study the nature and the degree of dysfunction of these major components of anorectal function before and after colorectal surgery. The following main topics will be investigated : 1. Objective assessment of anorectal functin after the surgical treatment of several common coloproctologic conditions in order to identify the incidence and mechanism(s) of functional failure 2. The effect of (chemo)radiation on anorectal function in patients with rectal cancer 3. Surveillance of (septic) complications after colorectal surgery in 3 academic units 4. Stoma avoidance in colrectal surgery : when can it (safely) be achieved 5. Improved patient information before/after colorectal surgery.