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Project: Highly efficient software for operations on oscillatory functions.

project duration
01-DEC-98 – 31-DEC-01
A huge amount of software for scientific problems has been accumulated and is available in public domain program libraries. However, most of the existing software is unspecialised. The subroutines in current use are too general, they indeed handle various problems, but on equal footing and then their efficiency strongly depends on the nature of the problem. Recent rechearches done in Flanders and in Romania, independently or jointly, have shown that e unifying mathematical foundation does exist, and this is provided by the so called expoential fitting approach. The proposed project aims at substantiating this powerful idea and at exploiting it for obtaining highly efficient software for the basic operations on the oscillatory functions. Our effort is both conceptual and technical. Different aspects have to be analysed from both mathematical and programming points of view. The final output of the project will result not only in a highly efficient software for oscillatory functions - the demand of the scientific community for this alone is sufficient to make the project worthwhile - but also in a better understanding of the principles to be followed to construct software specialised for other problems of the class in question.