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Project: Agreement for the implementation of an ICT Infrastructure Project in the framework of the 2007 Annual programme fot Institutional University Cooperation - Escuela Superior Politécnica del litoral (ESPOL), Ecuador

12/12/07 – 31/03/08

The successful migration of an important portion of student services and other eductational activities to online applications, as well as the motivation created in some Professors for incorporating multimedia elements and innovative educational practices, has created a high demand for access to the current ICT infrastructure at ESPOL. However, students have limited access to computer laboratories in ESPOL and they even do not have computers at home and/or Internet access. For this reason there are still very few professors that fully incorporate multimedia in the course content. This limited access, has provoked for example, that the students tend to accept the information they obtain from their first searches on the Internet without contrasting it or seeking for some other sources. In addition, students claim they need ICT infrastructure in every classroom, in libraries, in reading rooms and even in cafeterias. This increase in demand and ubiquity for computer utilities and access need cannot be dealt with the construction of more fixed computers labs. It is the objective of this project to set up the necessary technological infrastructure to be able to facilitate and provide universal access to the online services and applications at ESPOL. Its main outcome will be the creation of a campus-wide wireless network, the implementation of a Laptop Lending program and the deployment of the infrastructure needed to provide ALL university member with a virtual personal computational environment.