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Project: Agreement for the implementation of an ICT Infrastructure Project in the framework of the 2007 Annual programme for Institutional University cooperation- The University of Zambia, UNZA

01/04/06 – 31/03/08

The project aims at improving the ICT infrastructure at the University of Zambia by procuring and installing necessary hardware and software. The major focus will be to the procurement and installation of personal computers and network equipment such as switches. Since the major procurement of PCs and other ICT infrastructure in 1995, and later 2002 to 2006 under the VLIR-UNZA IUC Programme, the University of Zambia has not been able to expand and upgrade its ICT infrastructure. Over years, some of the equipment has become obsolete and therefore requires upgrade or replacement. Moreover, there has been an increase in the demand for ICT resources. For instance, currently the total number of computers in the Library computer laboratory is sixty (60), serving a population of over 10.000 clients. This is invariably a major constraint to providing access to current electronic information. With regards to the computer studies department, the department increased the number of students to twenty five (25) per acedemic year from sixteen (16). This has made it difficult to effectively deliver the Programme particularly practical sessions in the computer laboratories. There is, therefore, need to expand and upgrade ICT services in the institution in order to improve the Personal Computer client ratio, improve internet connectivity and increase access to the available electronic information on the internet.