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Project: Antibiotic resistance in the community in Kenya

01/11/11 – 01/11/13

In this project, we will put the seeds for an increased knowledge on antimicrobial resistance in clinical and commensal bacteria in the Kenan community. It will lead also to a firm frame work for further research which we plan to initiate in the E! of the VLIR-UOS programme. This work will be divided into four work packages. 1) The surveillance network will be developed, the surveillance network will be developed. Several partners will be included in order to gain a representative image on the antibiotic resistance and disease burden in the country. 2) We will train the partner laboratories through workshop, seminars and demonstrations on aspects of clinical investigations on pathogens and antibiotic resistance profiling. 3) Preliminary data will be gathered. A surveillance system will work in a pilat version. 4) Data will be statistically analyzed