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Project: ICP MASTER of Aquaculture

project duration
01-OCT-06 – 30-SEP-07
The International Course Program entails 2 years of study, consisting of a first year “Complementary studies” and a second year “specialized studies”. The program deals with the most important aspects of the aquaculture of marine as wel as freshwater organisms. The program achives its finality in the presentation of thesiswork. The goal of the program is to deliver researchers able to perform and design research in various aquaculture fields, to deliver experts who can draw and implement strategies for future development in the aquaculture industry, to form key persons who can act as a nucleus in their local environment through dissemination and teaching their acquired knowledge, to deliver academically trained staff for the aquaculture industry. In cooperation with different scholarship-organizations, a specific target group from development countries is addressed to ensure the development-cooperational character of the program.