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Project: Study of selected Pleistocene loess paleosoil sections in Hungary based on the geopedological and the paleoenvironmental reconstruction approach developed at the University of Ghent.

project duration
01-MAY-96 – 31-DEC-96
Study of paleosoil sequences developed in loess deposits of Hungary on the basis of the research methods developed at the University of Gent (RUG). The profiles are mainly situated in Bachaharc, Mende and Paks. The field recording and sampling has been done in May 1996 under the supervision of Prof. R. Langohr. The samples of a series of selected profiles mainly from Bachaharc) will be investigated in Gent from the point of view of, among others, meso and micromorphology, mineralogy of sand, silt and clay fractions. The main purpose is to come to an as complete as possible paleoenvironment reconstruction of the studied soil sequences and to make an as good correlations as possible towards other loess sections in Europe. During this investigation a close contact will be kept with the University of Budapest.