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Project: Exploratory synthesis of new high temperature ceramic superconductors.

project duration
31-DEC-99 – 31-DEC-99
In the race towards higher transition temperatures, the mercury compound HgBa2Cua2Cu3OX exhibits the highest, reproducibly obtained, value for Tc, i.e. 135K. However, synthesis of this compound in pure form is hampered by several chemical difficulties: low decomposition temperatures, formation of volatile products. Therefore classically used techniques are not applicable and the combination of spray drying of precursor materials with high pressure synthesis techniques will be used. The analogy in atomic dimension and its attractiveness from a standpoint in compatibility with industrial substrates like ITO, make Sn a possible candidate in the synthesis of similar superconductor structures. Furthermore, the volatility and toxicity of SnO and SnO2 is much lower than that of most Hg-compounds, thus enabling a simplified synthetic approach.